Origin Access for PC gamers - best news ever

So, at the beginning of this year EA announced a new gaming subscription service called Origin Access and this time is exclusive for PC gamers. The premise so very similar to another subscription service called EA Access which currently runs on Xbox One. There are a couple of differences between these two services, but most important we need to find out if Origin Access for PC gamers is good or not.

There are a few key points that will make you decide if Origin Access is good for you or not.

First of all, what do you actually get in terms of games? Well, there is quite a selection of new games and old games (ex. Battle Field 3, Death Spice Trilogy, Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age Inquisition, SimCity, The Sims 3, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Need for Speed Rivals the complete edition etc). Maybe the most interesting thing about Origin Access is the fact that EA has announced that in the future they are planning to allow other producers to upload games and this is great news.

Next, what else do you get if you subscribe to Origin Access? Maybe the most enticing thing is the fact that you get 10% off to every game that exist in the Origin Store. From my point of view this is a great deal and a huge privilege, but only if you are a hard player and buy constantly games. Plus, this subscription comes with another great advantages – you can get early access to most EA games. For me personally, this is an amazing deal.

Last, how much this costs? Well, it’s only 5$ per month and I really think that’s an honest price or you get pay 29,99$ and get full access all year and this is the best deal that you can get.

In big lines, if you decide to buy a subscription, as I already said many times above, it’s a good deal especially because you get from the beginning 15 titles ready to be played (some of them I have mentioned above). But this is a great deal only if you don’t own already these games. In case you have them, there is no point for you to get a subscription, it’s ok only if you want the 10 % discount.  

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